Lion in the Masai Mara, Kenya.

World Lion Day

It’s World Lion Day and time to celebrate these magnificent creatures. Unfortunately their population has decreased 43% since the early 90s and they’re listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

There is nothing more satisfying on a safari than coming across a pride of lions.   Watching them hunt and then feast on their spoils or socialising among the pride it is always a very special experience.

If I think back to the very first time I had the chance to really see them in their natural habitat I was entranced.   It was 25 years ago whilst on a safari in Tanzania.    They’d killed a zebra hours earlier and were resting after pretty much demolishing their prey.   The remains being a bloodied rib cage sitting starkly on the grass near a watering hole.   Several lioness lay with massive bellies lay panting on the ground as they tried to digest their meal.

Having been lucky enough to have two further trips to Africa each with the most fabulous lion experiences it just never gets old.  Each time I see a new behaviour or a different family group whose interactions are just as unique as they are.

I’ve taken a dive into my digital images collection to find some of my favourite lion images taken from my most recent two visits over the past 6 years.