Monks amongst the gorgeous temples and pagodas of Bagan, Burma.

Spectacular Temples of Old Bagan, Myanmar

I had so much fun creating these images in the spectacular temples of Old Bagan in Myanmar.

That exhilaration you experience when shooting something special whether it be an exotic destination, amazing people or the sheer spectacular natural beauty of our world is what drives me to keep on picking up the camera.

The architecture is incredible and in photographic terms it delivers on so many levels, despite it being a major tourist draw-card as a World Heritage Site.

My sole regret was being there a week too early to take a balloon ride in the early morning.   Something that will absolutely be on the list of things to do on my next trip to the region.

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Cao Dai Service, Holy See, Tay Ninh, Vietnam

Colourful Cai Dai, Vietnam

Hailing from Southern Vietnam the Cai Dai religion is a feast of colourful kitsch.  Its saints include Sun Yat-sen, Victor Hugo and Vietnamese Poet, Nguyen Binh Khiem, while its beliefs and teachings seem to be a bit of a mish-mash of Buddhism, Catholicism and Taoism.   The vibrant robes of red, yellow and blue are said to represent, and in a way pay homage to each.

These images were taken at the church’s principal location, the Holy See in Tay Ninh just a couple of hours from Saigon.  Unfortunately, we had pretty average weather with a bit of rain before dawn and overcast skies for the early morning service, however the people were incredibly welcoming and the church filled with intriguing detail.

An absolute must see if ever in Vietnam!

Cai Dai Holy See, Tay Ninh, Vietnam Cao Dai Assistant Priest, Tay Ninh, Vietnam Cao Dai Service, Holy See, Tay Ninh, Vietnam Cao Dai Service, Holy See, Tay Ninh, Vietnam




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